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Our Team: We Can’t Wait to Meet You Face to Face

Jewett Construction team members are knowledgeable in the latest construction techniques—enabling them to be creative and proactive while meeting challenges on the job. This combination of skill, dedication and experience consistently results in unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Craig Jewett


Alison Jewett

General Manager

Steve Harris

Field Operations Manager

Stacey Cochrane


Eric Cimon

Director of Marketing

Greg Stewart

Director of Pre-Construction

Dan Ray

Manager of Integrated Design

TJ Cochran

Pre-Construction Assistant

Nate Weeks

Pre-Construction Assistant

Kevin Radziwon

Senior Project Manager

Duane Levy

Project Manager

Alain LeBlanc

Project Manager

Eric Langill

Project Manager

Stephen Feher

Assistant Project Manager

Jon Warner

Assistant Project Manager

Emily Frazzoni

Assistant Project Manager

Sam Lorden

Assistant Project Manager

Mickey Holub

Project Accountant

Caitlyn Albert

Marketing Coordinator

Jim Schwartz

Director of Client Development

Mark Wall

Client Development

Darcy Scott

Administrative & Marketing Assistant


Believe It: Communication, Integrity, Accountability

Close collaboration between owner, builder, architect/engineer, and sub-contractors is at the core of the Jewett philosophy. Experience has taught us that communication is the key not only to building structures everyone can be proud of, but long lasting relationships based on sustainable practices, customer satisfaction and mutual trust.

Jewett team members live and work in the New England communities we serve, and our responsibility to our neighbors is at the foundation of our work ethic.

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YMCA Volunteering post

Getting Involved: Generosity Meets Action

Jewett team members are highly regarded volunteers, advocates, and representatives of nonprofits serving on a variety of local and regional nonprofit boards and collaborating with a host of organizations. In addition, Jewett’s fundraising arm helps to financially fortify the communities in which we work, live, and play. This commitment demonstrates our dedication to enriching the lives of New Englanders across the region.

Our Nonprofit Partners


Jewett Construction overcame challenges without compromising time, quality, or the budget.

Kelly Seyler, General Manager, International Car Ltd., Inc.