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How We Work

The Jewett Experience means putting clients first. More than four decades of experience have taught us to assume nothing, and to collaborate closely with customers in a fair and ethical manner to find unique solutions for each project—a hard-working, New England approach that has resulted in an 80% repeat/referral rate.

How We Serve You

The Jewett team is fully dedicated to every project regardless of scope, delivering projects on time and on budget. Our strategic alliances with a broad network of industry professionals results in a comprehensive approach to even the most complex of projects. From handshake to ground-break and all the way through our complimentary, one-year post-construction inspection, we excel at doing our job while your business is in full operation—utilizing a system of failsafe protocols that limit disruptions while maintaining safety and efficiency.

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Jewett Construction Safety | 4EverSafe

Safety First: Our Team Is Our Most Valuable Asset

Safety is Priority One at Jewett Construction, a philosophy that’s earned us a coveted Experience Modification (MOD) Rate of .75. Our strictly enforced safeguards go well beyond OSHA’s required Four-Point Safety Program to include daily safety reports and self-inspections, as well as oversight by our own safety committee and a third party safety supervision company—all to provide a safe working environment for everyone frequenting our job sites. NOTHING IS EVER TAKEN FOR GRANTED.

Butler Metal Buildings:

Implementing Systems That Work

Jewett Construction is proud to be partnered with Butler Manufacturing, the world’s premiere provider of metal building system solutions. Collaborating with Butler provides clients with a more efficient, smarter, and superior metal building system.

Aviation Metal Hangar Building Construction